0-3 sq in Black Plastic Reusable Badge

5 $18.49 each
10 $11.03 each
25 $6.34 each
50 $3.61 each
100 $2.60 each
250 $2.20 each
500 $2.13 each
1000 $2.09 each
Need a 1/16” inch thick black reuseable? Introducing the Chalkboard badge. Includes a full color logo and is supplied with square or round corners and a stock pinback attachment. Personalize the black surface with chalk or a chalk marker. Other attachments are available at additional cost. An added bonus? Run your fingernails across these badges. Far more pleasing than a standard blackboard.
Your quest for an affordable reusable is over. It’s elementary with the chalk board.

Country of Manufacture
United States




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